"filming a wedding is more than capturing beautiful shots. Is capturing MOMENTS OF LIFE."

“My goal is to create natural, story driven , people-oriented wedding films.”

Nikos Dimou

Filming weddings is something I have been doing from a young age. Maybe this chose me rather than was something I’ve been dreaming of, since my father was a wedding cinematographer since 1967. Nevertheless, acting as an observer, capturing images happening around me and creating a story, the elements I’v based my whole style on, made a perfect match with my character. Filming a wedding is more than capturing beautiful shots. Is capturing moments of life. Because for few hours, you get into a couple’s life, on the most important day of the two of them and within these hours you have to understand their character, agony, excitement and turn them all into a film. And since no people and no story are the same, this is what keeps my excitement for what I do, for more than 15 years now, alive and growing.

Meet Nikos

Nikos Dimou

Destination wedding cinematographer – story-teller

I was born and raised in Athens – Greece. I studied computer science in Athens University of Economics and Business, but my future has probably been already written and immediately after I realized that the art of cinematography would excite me that much that I would follow it as a profession.

The present finds me as a father of two beautiful children who gave me a new perspective and reason to be more passionate with what I do.