Wedding Film

A wedding is commonly considered as a day of statement of love between two people. But it’s more than this. There’s a whole story that led to this day. And for every couple this story is unique and different.

The same is with their wedding film.

This is what exactly I’m aiming for. To start every film from scratch and let the story lead the way. I can’t make one film look like another one. Nor I can try to make a film look like a certain way different from reality. The only I can assure is that I will do my best to deliver a wedding film worth watching over and over in many years from now and contain all the feelings and emotions of that day.


Cinematic Wedding film

A 3 to 5 minutes cinematic film with all the highlights of the wedding day, with images, music and natural sounds and vocals combined all together to convey feelings and emotions to a beautiful video.

Ideal to watch, over and over throughout years and share with friends and family.

Documenty Film


An approximately 30 minutes film, presenting the whole day (almost) chronologically, with the same attention to aesthetics and details, nonetheless. This is not a rough cut of the footage. This is a documentary film.

Full ceremony and speeches


Despite the fact that I’m trying to incorporate the majority of the ceremony and the best lines of the speeches in documentary film, you may want to see them as they happened in full length, roughly edited. 

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