Natalie & Stratos


There are many times that while editing, tears may come up my eyes when I listen to a very emotional speech. This is maybe the one I was affected more. Not only while editing but in real time as well when I was behind the camera. And I honestly could not resist basing a big part of this video on that speech.

I first met with Natalie and Stratos in person, two days before the wedding, that I arrived at Lesvos while they were having cocktails with friends at a beach bar in Petra. Stratos came and hugged me, as if we knew each other for years. I don’t know if it was alcohol or not, but what I felt is gratitude of everyone been there, during the hard period of Covid, at a place his grandparents grew up and he used to visit as a kid. You could see the pride also while he was dancing.

The role of family in Greece is something I’m very familiar with.

So I was happily surprised to see the great bond Natalie also shared with her family that held from Mexico. Watching her parents hug and kiss while she was prepared to marry the love of her life was one of the best shots I’ve ever filmed. No matter if this shot was perfectly framed, perfectly focused or lighted. It was a true moment with a story that you feel lucky witnessing.

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